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On the Triduum

Holy Thursday

Institution of the Eucharist + Christ’s Humility

Traditionally the Day of Washing of the Feet and the Institution of the Eucharist.

Here is a translation of the Italian-language catechesis Benedict XVI gave today during the general audience held in St. Peter’s Square. The Pope focused his address on the meaning of the Easter Triduum, the culmination of the Lenten  journey.

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Resurrection Footprint

The Empty Tomb

What lessons can we learn about the Resurrection from each of the Gospel accounts, particularly from Matthew’s story that we hear proclaimed today?

Mark’s call to the cross In the earliest Gospel account in Mark’s Gospel (Chapter 16), the last scene is a startling one … for the story ends with “[The women] came out and fled from the tomb, for they were possessed by fear and trembling, and they said nothing to anyone” (16:8).

The most striking aspect of Mark’s ending is that we never encounter the Risen Lord. Instead, we see an awe-inspiring, almost eerie scene.

In the darkness of early morning, the women arrive at the tomb to accomplish a nearly impossible task. These women are the only ones who follow Jesus to the foot of the cross and to the tomb. They find the tomb opened and empty, and are greeted by a heavenly figure who gives them a commission: “Go and tell his disciples and Peter that he goes before you into Galilee; there you will see him as he told you” (16:7).

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Church-Muslim Relations

Christian-Muslim Peace

Christianity and Islam are religions of peace. Togther with Judaism Islam and Christianity form the triad of faiths that claim their origin in Abraham.

Al-Samman is a man who made a substantial contribution in arranging Pope John Paul’s visit to Egypt and who met him several times on later occasions. When asked how he will feel in the wake of John Paul’s beatification on May 1, Al-Samman replies:

Al-Samman: As a believer, my reaction would be a desire to pray for him.

Then, I will say he was given what he deserves for his work, the work that I saw, in which I participated and to which I am a witness.

All this proved to me how much he opened his heart and mind and arms to everyone. This is what I personally experienced in Assisi when I went there and gave a speech in the name of Imam Tantawy.

Undoubtedly, I will be the happiest of all God’s creation on this day.

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Naughty Nun!!!

You've been a very naughty nun! Yes, you have been!

The United States Conference of
Catholic Bishops denounces Sr Elizabeth Johnson’s book,
Quest for a Living God,
as “Distorting” and “Misleading”
is it required reading in our schools and institutes of ministry and

Everyone has an opinion and there’s “free speech” under certain rigid circumstances, even if free speech may not permit honesty or the best interests of the common good. But where do we have to draw the line?
Does everyone have the guaranteed right to say anything at all about anything? Almost everyone writes books today on practically every subject…and a lot of it is trash, we admit, but what if some of the trash leaks into places where it can make a wrong impression? Like schools and colleges? What then? Shouldn’t educators be held to a very high standard of honesty, accuracy, integrity.
What about people in the public eye? Public figures. Teachers.
Professors. Spokespersons? Don’t they have a special responsibility to exercise care and discretion? Don’t we…shouldn”t we hold them to a higher standard because of their visibility? Well, that’s all good ‘on paper.’ And in our permissive, liberal, licentious culture of lies, greed, self-centeredness, and spiritual death everyone jumps on Satan’s  bandwagon.
This is just as true for nuns and priests as it is for tabloid authors.

Naughty Author/Nun Johnson

In a recent statement the United States Conference of Catholic Bishops has condemed a book written by a female religious, a Roman Catholic nun, a “sister of St Joseph”, Katherine Johnson, who teaches at Fordham (Yeah, the Jesuit university. Surprised?). The bishops’ statement is clear: the book is “misleading” and it “distorts Catholic teaching.” The USCCB committee goes on to say the statement was issued publicly due to the book’s departure from Catholic theological tradition as well as “the fact that the book is directed primarily to an audience of non-specialist readers and is being used as a textbook for study of the doctrine of God.” This is expecially insidious, since the students using the book do  not have the knowledge that allows them to discern the distortions and departures from revealed Truth.

In my academic career I have been exposed to quite a few “nutty professors” who expose “green,” poorly prepared [adult] students to far-fetched, even revolutionary ideas–one might say irresponsibly–by citing authors or even requiring books by authors who, like Johnson, are may not be “authorized” or “approved” and may be expressing their own “distorted” ideas. This is even more disturbing when such teachings occur in Catholic education institutions right under the noses of some widely acknowledge “liberal” and permissive bishops! This raises the questions that have been raised for many years now, since nuns have been turned loose on the world, their advanced degrees paid-in-full by religious orders, and their questionable obedience and allegience to the Church, even to the God they allegedly serve. Nuns have become persons in and of the world in too many ways–the only thing that might separate them from other careerist women is that they might live in a community of women, and even that is not true in all cases.
We’d like to hear from you on the question of “Wotz a nun?” Leave a comment. See our post on “Smoke of Satan,” too!

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