Church-Muslim Relations

Christian-Muslim Peace

Christianity and Islam are religions of peace. Togther with Judaism Islam and Christianity form the triad of faiths that claim their origin in Abraham.

Al-Samman is a man who made a substantial contribution in arranging Pope John Paul’s visit to Egypt and who met him several times on later occasions. When asked how he will feel in the wake of John Paul’s beatification on May 1, Al-Samman replies:

Al-Samman: As a believer, my reaction would be a desire to pray for him.

Then, I will say he was given what he deserves for his work, the work that I saw, in which I participated and to which I am a witness.

All this proved to me how much he opened his heart and mind and arms to everyone. This is what I personally experienced in Assisi when I went there and gave a speech in the name of Imam Tantawy.

Undoubtedly, I will be the happiest of all God’s creation on this day.

Read Part 2 of the interview here: Church-Muslim Relations-2.


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