Prayer for the Cause of Peace: What’s Prayer?

 “As Christians”, he said, “we are convinced that prayer is the most precious contribution we can make to the cause of peace.”

It would be unfair to say that Christians for this reason gather to listen to the Word of God and to invoke the gift of peace; almost without exception all of the great faiths and moral traditions of the world, even agnostics and atheists, bless their multilated and troubled soulets, cannot denigrate believers’ fervent supplications for the sacred gift of peace, Christian, ecumenical, interfaith, spiritual, psychological, economic, and political.

But the key here is to appreciate what is meant by “prayer” and to reflect on the power of “prayer” as a special form of charitable proactivity. Think about it: What is prayer for you? Private devotion? Dialogue with the divine? Charitable works of mercy and love? Is your prayer self-centered and self-serving? Or is it compassionate outreach? How does your prayer effect a positive contribution to the work of peace? Does your prayer simply dump it all on God’s lap, and you go off to the mall to try on jeans or buy a new flat-screen for the game on Sunday? How sincere is your prayer?

His holiness Benedict XVI concluded his October 26th general audience with words relating to his pilgrimage to Assisi when at the end of the celebration of the Word in the Paul VI Hall, Benedict XVI addressed the young, the sick and newlyweds. “May the example of St,. Francis of Assisi, over whose tomb I will pray tomorrow, support you, dear young people, in your daily commitment to Christ“, he said. “May it encourage you, dear sick people, always to follow the example of Jesus in your trials and suffering; and may it help you, dear newlyweds, to make your family a place of constant encounter with the love of God and of our fellows“.


Read his holiness’ homily at The Kingdom Of Christ Cannot Be Built By Force.


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