Benedict XVI on On the Prayer of Jesus

VATICAN CITY, NOV. 30, 2011 ( Benedict XVI is beginning an examination of Jesus’ prayer in his Wednesday catecheses, and he considered Our Lord’s prayer like a “secret channel irrigating his existence, his relationships and his acts.”

Until today, the Pope had drawn from the Old Testament for his teaching series on prayer, most recently concluding with a reflection on the Psalms.

In Wednesday’s audience, he spoke of Jesus as the “Master for our prayer; indeed, he is the fraternal and active support each and every time we turn to the Father.”

“The whole of Jesus’ life — lived in a family profoundly tied to the religious tradition of the people of Israel — stands against the backdrop of this extraordinary prayer. The references we find in the Gospels demonstrate this: His circumcision (cf. Luke 2:21) and His presentation in the temple (cf. Luke 2:22-24), as well as the education and formation He received at Nazareth in the holy house (cf. Luke 2:39-40 and 2:51-52). We are speaking here of ‘about thirty years’ (Luke 3:23), a long period of hidden, daily life — even if marked by experiences of participation in moments of communal religious expression, like the pilgrimage to Jerusalem (cf. Luke 2:41),” he explained.

Read Pope Benedict’s Teaching On the Prayer of Jesus.


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