Chaplain Wuss

Go for it!

I want to encourage and embolden any Roman Catholic who is being urged to complete a course in Clinical Pastoral Education (CPE) to decide here and now to do it! But decide also right here and now to resist the indoctrination and ideological brainwashing that the liberal protestant/reformist machine processing, in the guise of “interfaith” CPE, perpetrates.

CPE was founded by Protestants (Congregational/Presbyterian), was based on the motivations of a Protestant minister, and continues to have a strong Protestant philosophy and motivation. Therein lies the problem for Catholics. Why then do our Roman Catholic dioceses and seminaries send ministers-in-formation to be indoctrinated by these Protestant programs? (It’s like sending a green seminarian to a frat party and expecting he won’t get … !)

Cathlick Wuss or CINO.

Most interns (you may want to read my piece on interns at Pay2Work) complete an intensive course (10 weeks, usually in the summer) or up to ten months (full-year 1 x week) of this interfaith zombification. You have a choice. Go in fighting. Wear your tradition (the Presbyterians, Reformists, Jews will). Wear your clerical garb if you are ordained to sacramental (not just ‘consensus’) orders or religious! Insist on being authentically, fully, faithfully “gruntled” Roman Catholic, despite the “disgruntled” Cathlicks you’ll find there and the pressure to denounce tradition. Don’t let the moonbat sisters or the Protestant “minister-supervisors” or the “social justice” priests and motley presbyters warp your dedication to the Roman Catholic Church’s Tradition, Magisterium, dogma and the call to teach and preach the one true faith and the Gospel to those who are in desperate need of hearing it.

Hats off the the Othodox and the Lutherans, Buddhists, Jews, Muslims, even the Jehovah’s Witnesses, they take care of their own and kick anyone else out of the room!

Why are Cathlicks (CINOs) such damned wusses?

Read more at Chaplain Wuss.

The CPE movement started out as a research interest of a  Congregational /Presbyterian (he called himself Presbygational) minister–a former mental patient–, who became the motivation that initiated clinical pastoral education. Read more at Nutty History.

Read the history of the present-day parent organization that certifies so-called supervisors and programs (majority of which are Protestant), the descendant of the Presbygational minister/mental patient is the ACPE.

Read the ACPE history statement at ACPE History.


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