The Liturgy, Work of the Trinity: God the Father

ROME, FEB. 8, 2012 ( Without the mediation of the Son, we would not have known the Father, and we would not have received the Spirit that enables us to recognize the Son as Lord and to adore in him the Father. The Father willed to render us capable of all this, that is, to adopt us as His children, before the creation of the world (cf. Catechism of the Catholic Church [CCC], 1077. The capacity to act as individuals or as members of a chosen and consecrated people is called _liturgy_: rightly described as work of the mystery of the three Persons. The Trinitarian action, therefore, is the prototype of the sacred or liturgical action. However, given the ecclesiastical and liturgical activism that has led to the adoption of terms like _actor_ and _operator_ even in sacred liturgy, to avoid ambiguities we must define the nature of this action. The sacred action of the liturgy is essentially a _blessing,_ term noted by all, but not in its true meaning. This is defined in the following article of the Catechism, which it is appropriate to quote in its entirety: _Blessing is a divine and life-giving action, the source of which is the Father; his blessing is both word and gift (_bene-dictio _eu-logia_). When applied to man, the word _blessing_ means adoration, and surrender to his Creator in thanksgiving (CCC, 1078).

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