Victim: Not Everyone Abused by Clergy Wants to Leave the Church

Symposium on Sex Abuse Looks at Psychological, Pastoral Elements

“It was difficult for me,” admitted Collins, when asked about her decision to share her story, “but I felt that it was very important that the leadership of the Church — we have so many bishops from around the world here — that they hear a victim’s experience, and I felt for that reason that I should do it, and I’m very glad I did and I think the response was very good. There was actually one African bishop who spoke after the presentation and he felt that — beforehand he had not really given the issue a great deal of importance, but having heard us both speak, he had changed his mind and felt that this was something he really had to give a lot more attention to. So, I think it was important that what we both said was heard.”

The opening presentation, which was delivered by Marie Collins, a victim of child sex abuse, and Sheila Hollins, a professor of psychiatry, was largely directed toward understanding the sex abuse crisis from the victim’s perspective. In a press conference following the speech, both speakers answered questions regarding some of the issues discussed.

Read or download the entire article at Not Everyone Abused Wants to Leave the Church


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