Articles of Interest

Here are some worthwhile short reads I’ve selected from Zenit News From Rome:

Art+Faith-Visible Images of the Invisible God: Art historian Monsignor Timothy Verdon, director of the Office of Sacred Art and Cultural Goods of the archdiocese of Florence, will be there and he spoke to ZENIT about the event.

Binging Sacred Music Back to Liturgy: Participant in Mexico Conference Shares Insights

Englands Wars of Religion: Same-Sex ‘Marriage,’ Prayer Ban and Faith Cards

Findng Jesus in Israel: Vicar of Hebrew-Speaking Catholics Tells His Story

Journeying Together Toward Spiritual Perfection: Australian seminarian reflects upon ancient tradition of visiting station churches

Liturgy-Exorcism of Salt and Water: The previous Book of Blessings included a blessing (exorcism) of salt and water which would then be mixed together. To my knowledge the current Book of Blessings does not include this type of prayer but just prayers for the Blessing of Holy Water. Is it still permissible to use to old prayers of blessings over salt and water … and the prayer of blessing over oil which exorcists use in their ministry?

Pope’s Ash Wednesday Homily_Gods Unthinkable Nearness: Gods Unthinkable Nearness: “God’s Unthinkable Nearness … Opens the Passage to the Resurrection”

On the 40 Days of Lent: “Time Spent in the Desert Can Be Transformed Into a Time of Grace”

Where to Draw the Line on Cooperating With Evil: What Would It Mean to Follow Obama’s Health Care Mandate?


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