Faith, Conscience + Church Whacked by Government

Remember in November!

Faith and Conscience Whacked by Government

Jeanne Monohan, director of the Family Research Council’s (FRC) Center for Human Dignity, also gave testimony on Tuesday.
“In a letter to the President and members of Congress recently signed by thousands of women of 18 different faiths and representing doctors, nurses, lawyers, teachers, mothers, community care workers, business owners,scholars and more women voiced their ardent opposition to the mandate, she told the committee.

We call on President Obama, Health and Human Services Secretary Kathleen Sebelius, and our representatives in Congress to respect religious voices, to respect religious liberty, and to allow religious institutions and individuals to continue to provide witness to their faiths in all their fullness, the letter stated.

“The contraceptive mandate is an unprecedented directive which deeply conflicts with religious and conscience freedom protections the American people currently receive,” said Monohan

The changes announced on February 10 by President Obama were: …not even a nod to the deeper concerns about trespassing upon religious freedom, or of modifying the HHS attempt to define the how and who of our ministry through the suffocating mandates, he wrote.

Nevertheless, regrettably, the unity of the Catholic community has been tempered a bit by those who think the President has listened to us and now we can quit worrying, Cardinal Dolan explained.

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