Who is his Guy Anyway?

Who is this guy, Carol Keehan, “Catholic” advisor to the current Muslim Caver-in-Chief POTUS Barak Husein Obama, and CEO of the “Catholic” Health Association? Defiant anti-Christ-ian dykotronic androgynous misantrhopic character? It makes Joe Biden look like a drag queen. “Sister” Hell! What dose of testosterone is she on, anyway. Is that what women religious are turning into these days?

What’s up with the deep open collar…harlot! Button up, Sister Obamacare!

Fire her hairy butt and replace the sack of androgens with a real Catholic! She’s obviously got an alternative agenda, and it ain’t the Magisterium or any notion of obedience.

C’mon Catholics–Wake up or Shut up! Organize, Mobilize, Activate!

Read more about this heretic at National Catholic Register and the American Spectator. You’ll freak out when you see this “nun’s” salary!

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