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Pastoral Care Ministry to the Sick and Dying

Pastoral Care Ministry to the Sick and Dying Is Recognized to be an Important Support Resource Not Only for the Patient But Also to Other Clients, the Family, the Healthcare Facility and the Mortuary Services Provider.

In two recent articles posted on our other sites we discuss this important ministry from two aspects:

In Appearances…Are they Important? we discuss how we as ministers to the sick and dying should pay more attention to our own presentation and appearance. 

While it is true we, as chaplains and pastoral care providers, should never succumb to judgmentalism, much less judge a client by his or her appearance. To do so in our holy roles as ministers of pastoral care to the suffering would be an abomination.  That having been said, I think many of our professional and volunteer associates have much to learn about how their appearance affects the recipient of our ministrations. Read some practical observations.

In the second article, Bereavement: Before and After, I write about how few of my clients actually knew that we experience bereavement thoughout our life cycles. The causes are quite commonplace: loss of a thing cherished, loss of a pet, loss of one’s job, loss of a friendship, loss of a loved one, and the list can go on.  Bereavment is simply the loss of anything we value.

In that article I navigate through some insights about bereavement/loss, grief and grieving, and mourning, healing and transformation in very few words and note the importance of having a professional bereavment support minister on hand to accompany the bereaved on the journey to transformation.

Click on Bereavement: Before and After or Appearances…Are they Important? to read more. Please also join the discussion and leave a comment!


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