Never was a truer statement made…

This cartoon makes a powerful statement. Any comments?

We’re preparing an article to appear very soon on this blog. The subject is how the Church can be a thief, especially in her efforts to make money through “education” institutions, retreats, etc.

We have received a number of reports about the pirate Church and how it preaches one thing and practices quite another. Priests and nuns in designer clothes, jewelry. Clergy and lay religious dining in top-shelf restaurants. Clergy and lay religious driving expensive cars. Clergy and lay religious and travel/vacations. There was a time when clergy would not be allowed to have more than the poorest member of their congregation. Times sure have changed.

Did you say “poverty”?
Edward Scharfenberger
Bishop of the Roman Catholic Diocese of Albany (New York)

We’d be interested if our readers would share some personal stories and insights on the subject.


Thank you!
The Editor


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