Synod Fathers: Laity

The Synod fathers recognize the problems that so-called “authority figures” can cause in the church. That’s why they recognized this and encouraged the “guidance, education, and invigoration” of the faithful.
Also, with other Maronites, especially during times of political crises, there is an inclination to intermix religion with those who “hold” that religion. If the position of a certain priest, bishop, or patriarch does not suit the views of some members of the Maronite laity on a given social or political issue, those members will distance themselves from the person who holds that religion and will even boycott the Church. Therefore, even while a Maronite may have had a steady and noticeable growth in his commitments to a life of faith within his parish, within his diocese, and within the Universal Church, his or her [the Maronite layperson’s] commitment still needs guidance, education, and invigoration so that the faithful may become better prepared for effective participation in the life and work of the church, regardless of the performance of one authoritative figure or another.” (Patriarchal Synod Text 9, “The Laiety,” para 16)

What are your thoughts on this excerpt from the Patriarchal Synod text on the Laiety?


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