Delusional, Desperate, Dying

Rest in Peace, dear Parish

Are the bishops practicing parish euthanesia, or are they prolonging death agony in some parishes? Are the priests the bishops are assigning to sick parishes a form of ecclesial euthanesia?

Are some parishes delusional when facing their imminent decline and death?

Are parishioners desperately attempting not to sink despite all odds? Greying of parishes…stagnant liturgy…careerist clergy…disinterested youth…rising costs?

How do we provide a sacrament of the sick to dying parishes so that they ‘go in peace,’ and the living faithful complete their bereavement, and get on with their faith lives.

Are you listening? We are going to expound and expand on each of these themes in the coming weeks. Please stay tuned.

Please visit our pastor poll. We’ll be posting a parish, a liturgy, a spirituality poll very soon.


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