The Parish

What is a parish? What is a parishioner? Are there different kinds of parishioners? Is a parish a ‘democracy’? What is a parish administrator? What is a pastor? The discussion will focus on the synod documents, Vatican II documents, real life experiences. Please participate in the discussion.

After all is said and done, think about this when thinking about your parish community:

Transform Me, Oh Lord!
The Incarnate Word came to transform people, not to exclude them. The Christ is present also for the seeming losers, and not to create a country club for the supposed privileged ones.


One response to “The Parish

  • Fides qua Creditur

    St. Francis of Assisi once told his followers: “There is a contract between the world and the the clergy. The clergy must give the world a good example; the world must provide for their needs. When they break faith and withdraw their good example, the world will withdraw its hand in a just censure” (2 Celano, #70). This maxim may also apply equally to all of us but how much more does it apply to our pastors and other clergy, who are held to a higher moral standard.

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