OPINION: Abortion Issues

  • Life is A Miracle! Believe in Miracles!Disclaimer: This is the long-awaited opinion article on Pro-choice and Abortion promised at Stay Tuned. Please be advised that what we have to say may be found to be offensive by some readers. If we offend your sensitivities, please accept our regrets in advance, but your sqeamishness doesn’t affect the Truth a whit.

Is this what Pro-Choice means?!!

Ladies and Gentlemen: It’s time to stop pointing the finger at the other and take personal responsibility for your amoral behavior!

We recently had the nauseating experience of listening to a WAMC Northeast Public Radio (NPR) broadcast by the liberal hypochondriac zionist hyper-joo Alan Chartok and his digusting interviews and conversations with several callers in to his program. Lucky for Chartok and his feminazis the program ended just as I was picking up my phone to call in.

The whole pro-choice movement is a study in self-centered, egotistical, selfish, amoral feminist nazilike but liberal cancerology. Having listened to the women calling in to Chartok’s program I wondered how such demented, angry, self-hating people can manage to survive from one day to the next.

Point One: Engaging in sexual intercourse before one is physically, emotionally, psychologically, socially, spiritually mature is or should be rigorously discouraged. In fact it is in most moral societies and is loosely termed “chastity.” The moral and ethical societies generally discourage sexual commerce until such time as the anticipated participants are, with the support of mature advisors and significant others, able to make a firm and faithful commitment to one another and live comfortably with that commitment. An element of such a commitment is the expectation of loving and caring for one’s spouse, that the commitment is for life or for as long as the other shall live, and that there is a very high probability that children will issue from the union, unless conjugal chastity is practiced (not very likely). So, if the marriage is configured along the lines of proven tradition and morality, the expectations are realistic, the couple is appropriately counseled, there is no further need to consider abortion as a choice in such a relationship. We are pro-choice in this instance because the choice is for healthy morality.

However, we live in an amoral society that is materialistic, self-centered,  poorly self-actuated, and generally confused about everything from their place in the cosmos to what they think they must have in their hand to supplant any worthwhile personal relationship building.

So we shall proceed to the next point: Everyone has a choice NOT to engage in sexual intercourse before one is physically, emotionally, psychologically, socially, spiritually mature. Of course, the realization and admission that one is physically, but not emotionally, psychologically, socially, spiritually mature is one that most persons over the age of 12 and younger than 125 are intellectually or morally unable to tackle. They simply do  not have the intellectual wherewithall to even start with the question so they start with asserting some idiotic “right” or “self-determination.”

The appalling ignorance is so revealing when one listens to these women talking about their “rights” or the “right to make decisions about their own bodies,” referring, of course to the right to have promiscuous and unprotected sex with a male partner or partners, and then when things don’t go their way to visit a gynocological plumber to clean their plumbing; in other words, to destroy the life they have created by their amoral behavior.

One of the poor souls interviewed by the miscreant Chartok–to her own embarassment–founded her agument that abortion should receive public funding by noting that “men can get their viagra paid for through insurance, why can’t women have their abortions paid for by public funds?” I really hope that our readers have enough grey matter to see the idiocy behind such thinking (note I avoid using the words “logic” or “reasoning” for obvious reasons). The frightening aspect to Chartok’s broadcasting such cretin statements is not that the more intelligent will pity the mindless fool making the statement (and the one urging “Tell me more…”) but that the other mindless fools listening actually find support in such statements and, regrettably, have voting power!

Look ladies and Chartok, sharing such views…there is a vast difference between viagra and abortion…should be done with extreme caution, if only to avoid make the appearance of total brainlessness. Very briefly, Viagra (also Cialis) is a drug used to treat erectile dysfunction and to enable a male to achieve a penile erection, presumably to enable intromission into a (presumably) vagina to consumate the sex act. This would imply that a male and a female are premeditating a session and that it is more than likely consensual. That having been said, there is plenty of opportunity for one or both of the parties to take certain precautions to avoid conception. In other words, there are several choices being made in this scenario: the choice to request and use a drug to achieve an erection otherwise not readily obtainable (it must be prescribed by a physician), a physician diagnosing erectile dysfunction and choosing prescribing the drug, the choice to have sexual intercourse with a specific other person, the choice of the specific other person to have sexual intercourse with the male producing the erection. There is also the choice to use some method of conception control if conception is not the purpose of the intercourse. In this instance again we are pro-choice because the choices are reasonable and moral, whether the choices are being made by persons capable of conceiving or by persons who are beyond the age of conception but still wish to enjoy sexual expression of conjugal love. I hope this elucidates to some degree the viagra question.

Abortion is not conception control (that means that it is not a contraceptive) because conception has already occurred. Abortion is a form of lethal birth control. The primary intent of abortion is to kill the unborn fetus and thus prevent its birth. We should be clear on this point. There is no moral right to kill an unborn fetus regardless of what perverse reasoning the feminazis may proffer. Period. No further discussion.

We must make an important point here: Either sexual intercourse is consensual, meaning that both parties agree to have sex with the other at the time they have the sex. Or it is non-consensual, which means that one party does not consent to having the sexual encounter but the other party proceeds to have the sexual intercourse anyway. The former instance is legal, providing both individuals are of legal age and capable of consenting. The latter instance is illegal, it is criminal, it is prosecutable, it is called RAPE! But ladies, even in the case of rape, measures can be taken to prevent conception. This discussion, therefore, does not intend to discuss the question of non-consensual sexual intercourse, and we do not intend to get into an argument of whether a husband is capable of “raping” his wife.

This moves our discussion a step further to ask, then, with all of the myriad precautions that are available to prevent conception, including (God forbid!) chastity or abstinence, natural or pharmaceutical or mechanical/barrier means of conception control why would abortion not be one of the rarest procedures in medical practice in today’s industrialized modern society (we are not discussing instances of mass rapes reported in some areas of the second and third world)?

One of the reasons is simply that barring extraordinary circumstances society today has made it all too easy for women to behave worse than manure flies. The mystery and the responsibility have been supplanted by freedom without responsibility and amorality. Why should one be responsible and moral when one can have one’s fun and then simply get the plumbing flushed? That’s what it amounts to. How often have we heard statements like,

  • “Shit, I was so drunk/bombed out of my mind I don’t know why I did it!” Question: Why did you allow yourself to get so drunk (= drugged)? or
  • “He was so hot I just had to have him!” Question: Which kennel do you come from? or
  • “He forced himself on me!” Question: Ever hear of 911?

and the pitiful, ridiculous list goes on ad nauseum.

The point is: Just as no one else has any right to abuse your body; so, too, YOU have NO right to abuse your body; it’s on loan to you. You may have the sacred, mysterious, divine capability of creating life but you choose to behave amorally, and then compound that disgrace with a murder to cover up your disgusting behavior. The some of you want the public to pay for your RotoRooter job and offer some lame-brained rationale why you have the right to that service…paid.

The absolutely incredible statements that some of these women come up with to avoid their own personal responsibility boggles the mind! We’ve already mentioned the licentiousness and promiscuity, or the addictive behaviors but what really gives one pause is when some of these people make recourse to the “ignorance” defense: “I didn’t know it could happen.” Great Virgil’s ghost almighty! What with sex ed in schools, every sort of explicit magazine and film, the Internet, talk shows, etc. etc. And you claim you didn’t know? Get off our blog! Your tainting the air we breath.

Now, parents: Take a good look at your daughter when she leaves the house. Does she look like a ‘slut’? Does she dress like something you would filter or block from the family computer? Do you know with whom she is spending time? Do you know where? If you don’t do any of the foregoing, you certainly have no clue what she’s actually doing so we won’t even go there. (Our first question is what the hell are you reading this blog for?!?!? You should be out looking for your daughter! But may be that’s the fundamental problem after all is said and done.)

Here’s where the parents of young men don’t get away unscathed: Is your son at risk of getting mixed up with a misguided young lady and, because you have failed to parent him, may get himself and her into big trouble? Young “love” can be a beautiful experience but can be a devastating one for both children (by the way, Wake up! Helloooo! he may be 6-feet tall and look like a man and probable functions like one, too, but he’s still a 12-year old in his head!)

If you are a parents: Take a good look in the mirror. Now ask yourself: What kind of a model, example am I? Ask yourself, too, whether you are more into your own life than being a parent and taking responsibility, real responsibility for the young person you are legally and morally obligated to care for. Can you give yourself at least a B+, if not an A?

Aborted 8-week old fetus

Our advice to cover all bases, ladies:

  • Be a friend, a role model
  • Dress modestly,
  • Please keep your lower extremities in intimate medial approximation (keep your legs together);
  • Avoid intoxicating drugs, including alcohol,
  • Have some dignity (don’t act like a bitch in heat),
  • We repeat: have some dignity,
  • Stay out of unsavory places,
  • Choose good company,
  • Respect others,
  • Help others to come to grips with their drives,
  • Stop using inane excuses for idiotic, amoral conduct!
  • Be a friend, a role model.

P.s. Men young and not so young: Ditto! Try not to be a clone of the idiot 23-year old who called in on the Michael Savage show and said he saw no problem with Congressman Anthony Wiener broadcasting his genitalia to receptive females on the Internet. Savage appropriately told him he was a product of his generation, beyond immoral, amoral! Bravo! (Am I really giving kudos to a conservative AM radio talk show host? Things must be really bad!)

Conclusion: If human beings start acting more like the pinnacle of creation than like dung flies, abortion will probably become the exception rather than the preferred option for women experiencing accidental conception (accidental here means conception that occurs by means of unplanned or undesired circumstances, but not because of the woman’s irresponsible or immoral conduct). There is no reason today in this United States society for a woman to blame a male partner for conception, given the opportunities for conception control, counseling, and support  available to today’s woman.  Abortion is not a substitute for good morals and personal dignity nor is it a right, much less a right that can or should be exercised at the public’s expense or even at the expense of a healthcare plan. Abortion is simply not healthcare but is properly called deathcare; abortion is a crutch for weak or absent morals, setting the stage for general moral hazard and empowering, enabling, and facilitating amoral behavior.  There are enough real suffering victims in the world and we should start focusing on them rather than the self-declared pseudo-victims in today’s amoral society and the proponents of the culture of death.

Visit our post on Contraception and Birth Control.

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